2012 Exhibitions

Grey Line

February 2012

Main Gallery:  Tricia Sellmer, Alexander Forbes, Henry Small, Tina Moore: Boppin with Mr. Mynah
Boppin with Mr. Mynah is pure innovation.  Four Canadian artists teamed up to produce an “exhibition in a tube” that can be shipped to communities aboard the Greyhound bus.

Upper Gallery: Children’s Art Collection 
Art works completed by the students in Kathryn Steen’s summer classes at the Station House Gallery.

Grey Line

March 2012

Main Gallery: Ann Nicholson: The Chilcotin War: A Colonial Legacy
The artist, coming from the colonial experience of South Africa and the anti-apartheid struggle there, explores the colonial experiences of the Tsilhqot’in that led to the war of 1864.

Upper Gallery: Casey Bennett: Faces of Industry
A portrait series of the men and women who make up the local industrial and small business economy of Williams Lake and surrounding areas.

Grey Line

April 2012

Maureen LeBourdais, Louise Towell, Celia Brauer – Salmon Nation – Out of the Blue
Salmon have been called the “canaries in the coal mine”, a living indicator of the condition of our watershed.  This exhibition will explore salmon as a metaphor for our connection to the habitat we depend on.

Grey Line

May 2012

Main Gallery: Diana Jensen Vestergaard: Painting the Cariboo
This exhibition features Classical Realist paintings commemorating the Cariboo. Starting at Mile Zero, the artist documents picturesque seasonal landscapes, iconic heritage buildings, rodeo culture, and regional flora and fauna.

Upper Gallery: Aki Yamamoto: A Forest Falls
A series of drawings, woodblock prints and carvings inspired by nearly fifteen years of living in a wetland in the middle of a “working forest”.

Grey Line

June 2012

Cariboo Art Society: Wonder
68th Annual Show & Sale.

Grey Line

July 2012

Main Gallery: Community Roots: Inspirations from the Potato House Project
Local artists produce a harvest of mixed media offerings.

Grey Line

August 2012

Upper Gallery: Edwin Janzen: Conspiracy Case
While we humans unsuspectingly go about our day-to-day, below the surface the ground squirrels burrow and plot.  This investigation finally peels back the curtain on a hitherto unknown world of crime, terror and drugs.

Grey Line

September 2012

Ed and Marta Deak – The Gift

Grey Line

October 2012

Marjorie Clayton: At Home with Yusepha
At Home with Yusepha is a black and white series of photographs that shows the lives of marginalized young men in Gambia who must earn a living illegally as hustlers.

Grey Line

November 2012

Main Gallery: Jean Wellburn: These Rocks Want To Tell Me Their Story
Glacial erratics are the wandering stones of the Chilcotin grasslands, undisturbed for over 10,000 years.  My paintings are inspired by their beauty.

Upper Gallery: Christa Krisman: Timeless Journey
Focusing on work that joins old world European charm with exciting unique design and the modern lifestyle as depicted in Western Canada.


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