2013 Exhibitions

Grey Line

February  2013

Main Gallery: 2. Progress – Juried Group Show

Upper Gallery : Children’s Art Exhibit – Participants of the Station House Gallery Art Programs

Grey Line

March 2013

Main Gallery: Chelmsford – Caroline Anders

Upper Gallery: Hidden Works – Kelly C. Perry

Grey Line

April 2013

Main Gallery: Rock Paper Canvas – Joan Ramsey-Harker Anne Ashcroft

Upper Gallery: Children’s Art Exhibit CDC – Children taking art courses through the CDC

Grey Line

May 2013

Main Gallery: Abandoning Paradise – Glen Clark & Peter Corbett

Grey Line

June  2013

Main & Upper Gallery: Face Scapes – Cariboo Art Society

Grey Line

July & August 2013

Main and Upper Gallery: Laundry – Juried Group Show

Grey Line

September 2013

Main Gallery: Monuments – Carin Covin

Upper Gallery: One Life – Sandra Hayes-Gardiner

Grey Line

October 2013

Main Gallery: The Lynch Mob “Hanging Out” – Lynda Sawyer, Kathryn Steen & Gladys Wheatley

Upper Gallery: Wild & Wonderful – Jenny Wolpert

Grey Line

November 2013

Main Gallery: Out of the Cave – Lesley Lloyd

Upper Gallery: West Fraser Road – Jim Savage


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