2014 Exhibitions

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February 2014

Main Gallery: Cat Fink: Coyotes, Cheshires, and Other Complications
Cat Fink has been an artist, storyteller and shape-shifter all her life. Cat draws her narrative still lifes by combining reality and imagination.  She mixes her media, using pastel, charcoal, graphite, coloured pencil and acrylic on watercolour and printer’s paper.  She writes the original texts that appear on her drawings.

Upper Gallery: John Yourds: Interconnectedness
‘Interconnectedness Matters’ stems from John Youds personal sense that all beings and all nature are connected (and interdependent) at multiple levels and scales.

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March 2014

Main Gallery: Cariboo Potters’ Guild: 50 Shades of Clay
A group show featuring current works reflecting the individuality of each member of the Cariboo Potters Guild.

Upper Gallery: Liz Derksen: The Eye of the Beholder
With a belief that we are all fortunate to live in an area where nature is so accessible, Liz Derksen will share a new series of acrylic and ink paintings interpreting areas around Williams Lake.

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April 2014

Jane Wellburn, Beth Holden, & Liliana Dragowska: What to Wear? – Where Art, Fashion and  Stories Collide
“What to Wear?” This common everyday question has inspired a group of local artist to look for answers that challenge comfort levels and spark creativity.  This show will be a multi-media show combining fashion, art and storytelling into a dynamic and sensory loaded exhibition.

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May 2014

Main Gallery: Al-Lisa Tresierra McKay: Sea to Sky
This talented, self-taught artist will transform the gallery by bringing the room full circle from the ocean to the sky. The exhibition will stretch peoples’ thoughts with diverse creations which the artist herself does not recognize until they present themselves on the canvas or in her hands.

Upper Gallery: Making Connections School District 27 Program: The Creative Path

This exhibit showcases art & practices from the Making Connections program through School District #27 facilitated by Ciel Patneude, an education offering that aspires to support and maintain creativity in children and to empower them to know their power as a creative individual throughout life. The artworks offer insight into creative practices that may be utilized by all ages to tap into our creative potential, stimulating our sight, psyche and spirit all at the same time.

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June 2014

Cariboo Arts Society Group Show: Brushes with History – Our Cariboo Roots

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Cariboo Art Society, the CAS group will showcase their diverse artistic talents and skills inspired by their historic roots.  This show will feature work from current Art Soceity members in the lower gallery as well as a call to former members of Cariboo Arts Society for their work to be show cased in the upper gallery.    The occasion is our 70th Anniversary of being the oldest Art Society in Western Canada.  It just happens to coincide with the 85th Birthday of our city which is propitious! The Cariboo Arts Society invites any former members to submit their work to us for this exhibit.  For further info on this please contact Cat @ 250 296 3670 or Yvette at 250 989 4241.

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July 2014

Juried summer theme show: My Williams Lake
This year the Community is celebrating Williams Lake’s 85th Birthday. The show will be a Multi-media show, showcasing not only paintings or art work from Williams Lake but also impressions, collectables, history, stories, videos, performing arts and experiences of artists in the Cariboo area who will explore the theme of “My Williams Lake”.

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September 2014

Main Gallery: Theresa Bagshaw, Kathleen Booth, & Ernest Hall: Coastal Perspectives 
This mix of artists from the Bella Coola Valley will bring with them some unique and extraordinary art works of clay and paintings to the Station House Gallery from the heart of the Great Bear Rain Forest. Creekside Studio Gallery.

Upper Gallery: Anne Burrill: The Art of Reconciliation
A facilitated group show that explores the topic of reconciliation in the context of both the history of residential school history and the contemporary experiences of Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relationships in our communities today. Sponsored by the Orange Shirt Day Committee – Celebrating Orange Shirt Day Sept 30th more details at orangeshirtday.weebly.com.

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October 2014

Main Gallery: Kathy Lauriente-Bonner: Canadian Road Trip

Sponsored by Kane’s Harley Davidson, Kelowna

An artistic reenactment of a 50 day motorcycle trip across Canada.  This show will take you across Canada by setting a three dimensional scene while incorporating maps, photography, and paintings.

Upper Gallery: Sirkka McKerral: Painted Landscapes

Sponsored by Pinnacle Pellet
Sirkka Mackerral, a well-traveled artist will be exhibiting a new series of painted works featuring Williams Lake and the Cariboo Area.

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November 2014

Main Gallery: Joan Beck & Jane Perry: To Drive the Cold Winter Away

This dynamic exhibition of pottery and weaving will provide a three part presentation to drive the cold winter away. Acknowledging and embracing winter with its cold temperatures and snow, driving away winter, and anticipating and enjoying the arrival of spring.

Upper Gallery: Robin Hoffos: Explorations
As Robin Hoffos winds down his professional career as a biologist he begins to explore his encounters with the natural and the built environment using pastels, watercolors and oil paints. Robbins explorations will feature landscapes and wildlife in his first gallery showing!

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December 2014

Station House Gallery Annual Christmas Market


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