2015 Exhibitions

Grey Line

February 2015

4 from 100 Group Show

Four artists from 100 Mile House share a body of work representing the heart of BC’s interior. Works by Tom Godin, Lianne Heales, Kathy Crawshay, and Susan Kruse.

Grey Line

March 2015

Main Gallery: Bill Edmonds Questions Anonymity

Mixed media artist Bill Edmonds raises issues of anonymity and the release of personal information in the digital age. This visually stunning collection is based on images and texts received from complete strangers over the internet.

Upper Gallery: David J Harder: (Un)tamed and (Un)earthed

Paintings and sculpture by David J Harder, inspired by the natural world taking back what we have appropriated.

Grey Line

April 2015

Main Gallery: Laurie Landry: The Macbeth Series

Painter Laurie Landry shares her unique appreciation of Shakespeare’s great theatre work, which is that of a deaf person. Like storyboards for a silent movie, Landry uses colour and texture to convey the atmosphere of a timeless story.

Upper Gallery: Ciel Patenaude: The Knowing

This finely detailed series of pen and ink drawings explores the ways in which we receive wisdom from the outside world and our direct experience. The portraits include artistic expression of animal wisdom, body-based wisdom, elemental reminders and others.

Grey Line

May 2015

Cariboo Art Society Group Show: Paint It Forward

An ongoing theme connecting Cariboo Art Society projects this year is collaboration. This study began with a “linear wave” constructed by members of the Society, in which individuals made fragments of an image which were collectively assembled into a single organic whole. Through drawing games and experimentation, this exhibition showcases the potential of a diverse artistic community at play.

Grey Line

June 2015

Group Show: Tea Ceremony

Tea culture is defined by the way tea is made and consumed; by the way the people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking. Fiber artist Maureen LeBourdais introduces a multi-artist, multi-media exploration of all things tea.

Grey Line

July & August 2015

Open Call: Hair

“Hair — the weird thing about it is that people will touch other people’s hair; you will actually kiss another human being right on the head. But if one of those hairs should somehow be able to get out of that skull and go off on its own, it is now the vilest, most disgusting thing you can encounter.” Jerry Seinfeld beautifully captures the perplexity of something that has been the subject of human fascination throughout the ages. July and August 2015, the Station House Gallery will be hosting an open call to artists, paying tribute to hair in all its beauty and mystery.

Grey Line

September 2015

Marilyn Dickson and Christy Richardson: Cloth and Clay – an oxidized collaboration

Cloth artist Marilyn and potter Christy are drawn to the power of nature and the strength of humanity. While some of the pieces in this exhibition are bold and simple, others draw the viewer in with subtle tactile detail.

Grey Line


Group Show: Into the Wind

Into the Wind is an exhibition coordinated by painter and sculptor Kurt Williams about a passion for motorcycles and the open road. It is a celebration of motorcycle culture showcasing photography, paintings, and the original work of local fabricators and bike builders. On display are the works of Brian Garten, John Wellburn, Jana Roller, and many more.

Grey Line


Group Show: Murders and Unkindnesses

Mixed media artists Karen Thompson and Terri Smith host a fun, imaginative, and informative show on the theme of crows and ravens. This eclectic mix of sculpture, paintings, textiles, and installation plays with facts, folklore, and silliness, and appropriately opens right before Halloween.  “Quote the raven, ‘Nevermore!’”


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