Main Gallery: Laurie Landry

The Macbeth Series

Sponsored by Dr. Skye Raffard

When we think of theatre, we often think of acts using visual and aural senses. That is to say, we hear the words spoken, and see the actors react to the words, and we also react to the actions on stage. But what happens when we can’t hear the words spoken?

Painter Laurie Landry shares her unique appreciation of Shakespeare’s great theatre work, which is that of a deaf person. Like storyboards for a silent movie, Landry uses colour and texture to convey the atmosphere of a timeless story.

Laurie visits us from Vancouver BC. Visit her website here.
Grey Line

Upper Gallery: Ciel Patenaude

The Knowing

Sponsored by Kornak & Hamm’s Pharmacy

This series of fine pen-and-ink portraits explores the ways in which we receive wisdom from the outside world and our direct experience. In the words of the artist, “The Knowing speaks to the deepest desire in Shamanic practice: to remind us all of our connection to all that is, and of the perfection of our experience in every moment, so that we may experience the full potential of our lives.”